Rich Text Widget

The RichText widget gives you access to a wide range of features that let you control the content, look and feel within the content block.

These include:

  • Full text formatting (colour, size, font type, highlighting, subscript, superscript etc.)
  • Bullets and numbering
  • HTML editing
  • Table insertion and configuration
  • Insertion of images and media (we recommend embedding YouTube or Vimeo HTML for better video playback)
  • Special characters and emoticons
  • Other advanced features such as insertion of layers and editing css 

Any use of advanced features, including editing font styles and colours should be done carefully in order to keep a consistent looking site. That is why for most uses, the Text Widget includes the features that you need.

Images with links

One function that is very useful in the Rich Text Widget is the ability to add an image and then put a link on the image.

To do this:

Add an image using the image function  (then use the browse  link to upload and select)

Once the image is in place select it in the editor and then use the link tool  to add the link target.