Restricted Pages

The Login and Registration widgets, in combination with the page restrictions options allow you to have an area on your website that can be viewed by registered users only.

You have the option of including only a login form - so for example a secure Governor's Area could be created with the password provided to Governor's.

Alternatively, a registration form can be added allowing users to register to access these pages.

Creating a restricted area

To restrict users form certain pages use the Community>Restrictions function.

To set a restriction rule, click new record. A dropdown and a list showing all pages appears.

Select the group or individual that you want the rule to apply to:

  • A specific user (already registered)
  • Anonymous users
  • Registered users

Then select the pages that you wish to restrict this group or user from accessing. 

The most common usage would be to restrict pages from anonymous (Not logged in) users. 

To have a generic password or to create accounts, you will have to have a page to register users. Simply create a temporary page and use the registration widget. Once users are registered (or you have created your generic Governor's account for example) then either delete this page/registration widget or make it invisible from the menu management page.

See how this works on our demo site:


If a user is restricted from view the page will show a login box by default.